This page is dedicated to presentations from selected retreats/classes and lectures. Click on the blue title links below to watch a video or download powerpoint presentations/PDF files.

• June 11 2016
Meaning and Significance of Dead Sea Scrolls by Fr. Michael

• Summer 2016
 Catholic Answers Summer Series

• December 3, 2016
Advent Day of Recollection : “Building the Domestic Church” presented by Father Michael Robinson, pastor of St. Elizabeth Seton and Father John Larson, MIC

• December 11, 2016
Parents for Teens talk: Chaste Love

January 15, 2017
Meaning of Mass with Deacon Jerry

• February 12, 2017
Freedom in Discipline

March 4, 2017
Lenten Retreat: Building the Domestic Church. Overcoming Family Difficulties

April 2, 2017
Being with Jesus: A Night of Adoration (for the Middle School and Confirmation students and families).

Easter Vigil Mass 2017 • 2018
 Easter Vigil 

• April 18 2017
 Memory Loss 101 (Mental Health Ministry and Alzheimer’s San Diego)

April 2017
May Crowning 2017

April 28 – 30,  2017
Confirmation Retreat 2017

May 25, 2017
 Women’s Christian Fellowship Luncheon: Raising Saints

• December 9, 2017
Advent Day of Recollection: Come Lord Jesus: The Mass as God’s Coming and Drawing Near to Us

• March 1, 2018
Internet Safety by Deacon Jerry

• April 17, 2018
Teen Anxiety and Depression (Mental Health Ministry with Aurora Behavioral Health Care) 

• February 20, 2019
Common Teen Mental Health (Mental Health Ministry)  

September 17, 2019

Suicide Awareness and Prevention: Responding with Hope and Resilience (Mental Health Ministry)

December 7, 2019
 Advent Retreat  Trust in the Hand of God

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