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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Alzheimers2January 18, 2018Details
Untitled7January 2, 2018Details
pray for strength and healing14November 27, 2017Details
Pray for..14November 5, 2017Details
Kathryn, granddaughter of Charlie & Anne Cannova13November 4, 2017Details
For her soul to be with Jesus13October 30, 2017Details
For his soul to be with Jesus9October 30, 2017Details
For his soul to be with Jesus9October 30, 2017Details
Sister Carmen11October 24, 2017Details
Safety for my children in NorCal10October 19, 2017Details
My step father10October 8, 2017Details
A Peaceful Final Journey17August 19, 2017Details
Prayer Request :22July 23, 2017Details
Prayer for my husbands job 17July 18, 2017Details
Gloria Yango16June 26, 2017Details
Prayer for my marriage22June 20, 2017Details
for my great grandchild who has not been baptized yet24May 25, 2017Details
Mother's Day Memorial11May 14, 2017Details
Confirmation Retreat14April 27, 2017Details
All Souls in Purgatory26April 20, 2017Details
Anxiety is ruining my life29April 9, 2017Details
My mother-in-law18March 21, 2017Details
My wife22March 21, 2017Details
Bob Bucci's soul13March 21, 2017Details
Justice for my daughter25March 14, 2017Details
Grandson in Hospital20March 7, 2017Details
Marriage healing26March 1, 2017Details
Pray for strength and healing18February 28, 2017Details
Pray for strength20February 28, 2017Details
Our marriage23February 27, 2017Details


That my family does not suffer from my illness.


Please pray for Dl and Jb as they work their relationship.

pray for strength and healing

Stephanie Krueger
Please pray for my nephew Lukas, he was diagnosed with Leukemia last week. Give him the strength to fight and get healthy again.

Pray for..

Elizabeth Hodgin
Please pray for my Grandmother, Elizabeth B. Cole. She went to God on October 29th.

Kathryn, granddaughter of Charlie & Anne Cannova

Patricia Swanton
Kathryn was just diagnosed with a large brain tumor. Please pray that she choose the best doctor and treatment including timing of treatment, and that all progresses perfectly with no bad aftereffects. Dear Lord Jesus, please heal Kathryn from this malady and grant her good health for many years to come. Amen.

For her soul to be with Jesus

Ida Krecek

For his soul to be with Jesus

Louis Orsillo

For his soul to be with Jesus

Joseph DeRitis

Sister Carmen

had stroke & moved to hospice. She’s non responsive & not eating

Safety for my children in NorCal

Please pray for my children in Norcal and keep them safe and protected from all the evil outcome of these terrible fires.

My step father

He is very ill. My family is concerned he will not survive. I just pray that he has peace in his heart

A Peaceful Final Journey

Roger Monast
That my sister-in-law's final journey to meet the lord will be peaceful and painless

Prayer Request :

Rosa Maria Santos
I suffer from a very severe heart disease. I have been stuck at home for 3 years without making any little effort, always hoping that the Virgin Mary may intercede for my healing. I have “pericardial effusion” also respiratory complications: Pleura and I'm always sweating. Have many problems and a lot of suffering within my marriage: I wear 36 years. I beg you to remember me in your prayers. Sorry for the inconveniences and may God be with you. Don't bother to answer, prayers are the most important gift, as well forgiving of my sins. Thank you very much. Rosa Maria Santos.(sick)

Prayer for my husbands job

Prayers for my husband to find a job

Gloria Yango

Zeta Greene
Please pray for Gloria Yango who passed away 6/14/17.

Prayer for my marriage

Prayer for my husband to receive the Holy Spirit & let me in his heart. That the love be brought back to our marriage. Thank you. God bless

for my great grandchild who has not been baptized yet

anon anon

Mother's Day Memorial

Pray for Patricia , our angel in heaven a mom, grandma and wife who served Christ with her open love and giving to all.

Confirmation Retreat

anon anon
We pray that the Holy Spirit will fill the hearts of everyone attending the retreat this weekend.

All Souls in Purgatory

That God may bring them to heaven on this day

Anxiety is ruining my life

Julie anon
I'm a sweet, kind, educated young lady. I love my mom, sister and brother beyond life. However, I am suffering severely from panic and extreme anxiety that is wrecking my life. Cannot sleep, concentrate, work, go to school (I'm trying to finish my Graduate degree), but my anxiety is so horrible, I'm of no use to anyone, and that's how I feel even though I push through and smile while my heart is pounding and I'm shaking. I need the old "me" back, happy, healthy, always so helpful. I am asking for any prayers and advice to please God let me be me again and make this all day and night fear and worry disappear. Please Lord Please!

My mother-in-law

Prayer for my mother in law that she recognizes the Lord in her life

My wife

Prayer for my wife that she accepts God into her life

Bob Bucci's soul

Joe Koller
Pray for the repose of the soul for Bob Bucci.

Justice for my daughter

Prayers needed for justice against the man who assaulted my daughter. He has hired a lawyer against us. We pray for the truth to be revealed and justice be served. Pray for us to be guided by the Holy Spirit to overcome the evil assault against our family.

Grandson in Hospital

Henry Rundle Raglin
That Henry's medical problems are cured

Marriage healing

Please pray for my husband to return to our family and our marriage. That god will heal that in our marriage and family that has Ben broken.

Pray for strength and healing

Please pray for strength and healing of the Millers as they battle their illnesses

Pray for strength

Please pray for the Millers for strength and healing through their sickness.

Our marriage

Please pray for the strength and unity of our marriage. K&D
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.


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