Religious Education Grades 7 and 8
Classes are held on selected Sundays from 6:30 pm – 8 pm

• 15 classes over the course of the schoolyear
• We need 2 chaperones per class. If each parent would sign up, you may only need to do this once. This is to ensure a safe and promote a welcoming and loving environment.  You are not expected to teach, just to provide support to our speakers/teachers and students.

Download 2017-2018 EDGE Class Description (updated Aug 21, 2017)
Download Main Calendar (updated Aug 2017)

Contact for more info.

Saint Elizabeth Seton Youth Ministry offers a compelling, fun, vibrant, Christ-centered, community-minded program to junior high students – Life Teen’s Edge program.

Our mission in our ministry to junior high students is to meet them where they are at, and invite them into a life with Christ. Everyone has questions: questions about life, love, God, family, friends, school, and so much more. Junior high students are no exception. They, too, have questions about the meaning of life and love, about the existence of God and how that affects their own existence. Using Life Teen’s incredible Edge program, our catechists and CORE team leaders instruct, mentor, and befriend junior high students in their walks with Jesus, Mary and the saints.

Please, be a part of our mission here at Saint Elizabeth Seton! If you’re a student, join us this year and grow in your faith! You’ll have plenty of fun doing so! If you’re a parent, become part of our INCREDIBLE Parents for Teens ministry, which directly supports the Youth Ministry program in its social events and evangelization.

We meet on selected Sundays, 6:30 – 8 PM.

We can’t wait to grow closer to God with you, and build a youth culture at Saint Elizabeth Seton and in the entire Catholic Church!

God bless you,

Share our faith.


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Office Hours:

Cole Hauso
Mon-Wed Noon - 3 pm
Open office hours for youth (Junior High, High School, and College)
Monday and Wednesday 3 - 5 pm
This is a time when the youth can stop by, talk to me if they need to, or just hang out, do homework, listen to music, pray, etc.
Cole's office is located at the lower level of the new parish center.