Religious Education Grades 6 – 8
Classes are held on selected Sundays

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What is Alive Junior High Ministry?

Alive is SES’s Junior High ministry (previously named Edge) that is offered on select Tuesdays throughout the school year. Alive takes its name from the great quote of Saint Irenaeus: “The glory of God is man fully alive!”

So often, whether we recognize this within our hearts or not, we revisit the question, “What does it mean to be fully alive?” This question may sound like, “Am I happy? Do I have good friends? Why is my relationship with my family the way it is? Why am I always stressed and anxious? Why do I always change who I am to fit in? Am I good enough? What is the point? What is my purpose? Who is God? Who am I?”

Ultimately, what we are asking ourselves is, “What does it mean to be alive, and am I living a life fully alive? Do my relationships reveal that I am fully alive? Does my emotional and psychological health indicate that I am fully alive? Do my self-confidence and self-awareness of my purpose in life show that I am living a life fully alive?”

The glory of God is man fully alive! For us to be fully alive and happy is what God desires with all of His heart! So, what does it mean to live a life fully alive when it comes to God’s love and commandments, the Church’s social and moral teachings, or when it comes to specific issues like stress, peer pressure, bullying and social media? These are the topics we like to address!

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What does an Alive session look like?

Each session is 75 minutes long. We begin with a game to get our blood flowing, and then settle down to listen to a short teaching from an adult leader. After that, we break into small groups, catch up on life and discuss the teaching. A short break with snacks is then had, and we end the night with a game and closing prayer.

***Junior high students are also invited to attend Remain: XLT nights. These nights are for junior high and high school students, focused on community, prayer, worship and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. You can learn more about these nights on the upcoming Redeem the Culture website.

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Want to be part of the mission?

Parents, we encourage you to be part of the mission here at SES – to redeem the culture for Christ! If you have a student in our religious education classes, and you are passionate about your faith, then get involved! The lie parents tend to believe is that their children don’t want them involved in their lives. That isn’t the case at all, and it isn’t the case especially when it comes to our faith.
God reveals Himself to be a “communion of persons”, a family! So, it is only fitting that entire families are engaged in their church communities! How can you do this, parents? You could join our incredible Parents for Teens ministry, which focuses on assisting youth ministry events and planning events for the whole family! Or, you could be part of our Alive adult leadership team. We call it our SURF team – Serving Under the Righteous Father. The SURF team mentors, befriends, and teaches our junior high students using Life Teen’s Edge program. Assisted by high school leaders, the SURF team plans games, teaches short lessons and (most importantly) sets an example of a mature, practicing Christian.
Be part of our mission here at SES!

Share our faith.

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