Three ways to donate:

Secure credit card payment


Click to Online Giving Page Secure automatic payment. Set it once for one time or recurring payments. Makes it easy to keep track of your donation for year end tax reporting.


Make your checks payable to St. Elizabeth Seton with your envelope number
(if you are a registered parishioner, this helps keeps track of your donation for your tax receipt at the end of the year).

Mail your checks to:
Fr. Michael Robinson
St. Elizabeth Seton
6628 Santa Isabel Street
Carlsbad CA 92009


*Beware of email scams.
We thank you for your continued support of our parish, which still operates in numerous ways in dire circumstances (visiting the sick, responding to emergencies, etc.).  Please include our parish community in your prayers.

Stock Donations
A gift of your securities, including stocks or mutual funds, is an easy way to make a gift. By making a gift of your appreciated securities, you can avoid paying capital gains tax that would otherwise be due if you sold these assets. Contributions are deductible for tax purposes. There are no transaction fees or other costs and the full value of the sold securities benefits the parish, school or other Catholic charity you select.

More importantly, the question you may want to consider is this: Have I been blessed with many gifts and am I inspired by Gospel teaching and my Catholic values that charitable giving is a profound and joy-inspiring expression of love and gratitude? How can I live out my Catholic values and put them into action for the greater good of the community? Your stock contribution will help you live out your Catholic values and benefit your parish or school at the same time.

For instructions on how to make a stock donation, please visit