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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
bdMUfOLHGXuc0December 2, 2022Details
gZsiXdAaOLnSkjx0December 2, 2022Details
Mike Gage12November 19, 2022Details
Untitled10November 19, 2022Details
Pray for Cristina Carbonero halth11November 12, 2022Details
For a young lady battling mental health 12November 7, 2022Details
Prayer intention 25October 19, 2022Details
Healing26September 12, 2022Details
Health for my husband.23September 2, 2022Details
CANCER NOW ADDED TO LIVING LIFE25September 1, 2022Details
Live life with God23September 1, 2022Details
Prayer For Freedom From A Spirit Of Trauma21August 15, 2022Details
the repose of the soul of Gerald MacLellan21August 2, 2022Details
TERI'S HEALING33July 28, 2022Details
RESPONSE TO COVID 1919July 27, 2022Details
FOR A RIGHT LIFE22July 22, 2022Details
Live through Covid-19 just obtained 19July 11, 2022Details
HEALING MY BACK24July 11, 2022Details
PREPARATION FOR DEATH29June 24, 2022Details
PREPARATION OR DEATH28June 22, 2022Details
For Ronald White 17June 11, 2022Details
TO BE WITH GOD27June 5, 2022Details
Please pray for21May 28, 2022Details
Is in jail but is innocent36April 26, 2022Details
To an amazing friend31April 18, 2022Details
Dr. D'Alessandro24April 15, 2022Details
Aunt Lyn30April 4, 2022Details
Prayer for my son46March 14, 2022Details
For Lyn DePaola56March 7, 2022Details
for people who need help managing their finances34March 6, 2022Details
For Ukraine54March 2, 2022Details
To recover from a serious fall33February 28, 2022Details
Help with Alzheimer's31February 3, 2022Details
Successful cancer surgery25February 1, 2022Details
For my dad's one month from his departure26January 25, 2022Details
Prayer for Zenia and family23January 25, 2022Details
Untitled22January 15, 2022Details
Denise Whitton21January 15, 2022Details
Husband left me, our family, and our faith37January 12, 2022Details
Loss of a loved one called Dad 24January 1, 2022Details
Repose of the Soul20December 24, 2021Details
Those with too much and not enough22December 20, 2021Details
Ongoing conflict21December 10, 2021Details
prayer for deceased daughter 12/1/2022December 1, 2021Details
Prayers for recovery from COVID20December 1, 2021Details
Untitled19November 26, 2021Details
healing19November 22, 2021Details
Our beloved grandmother19November 17, 2021Details
Prayers for Angel and Johnny19November 9, 2021Details
Prayer for Jean W.23October 24, 2021Details
For my daughter Giselle and unborn baby25October 24, 2021Details
Prayers held in my heart21October 22, 2021Details
Prayers for the San Nicolas Family26October 7, 2021Details
Charlene Renshaw 31September 23, 2021Details
Good News & Direction26September 21, 2021Details
My Daughter deceased 9/1/2130September 12, 2021Details
Mark Bonnette 33August 20, 2021Details
covid 37August 10, 2021Details
Please pray for my mom43August 4, 2021Details
In memory of Maria Gomez28July 18, 2021Details
In memory of Karen Gomez Kerr27July 18, 2021Details
Husband's Fall from Grace39June 27, 2021Details
Eric Hoffman and family26June 7, 2021Details
Prayer for our children28June 7, 2021Details
Please pray for23May 30, 2021Details
Prayer for my mother25May 16, 2021Details
Garrett Family 25May 4, 2021Details
Please pray for Celia Benitez22April 29, 2021Details
Soul of Christopher Michael Smith22April 25, 2021Details
Prayer for Cesar So18April 25, 2021Details
Trouble in Relationship28April 12, 2021Details
Soul of Porfirio Velasquez17April 12, 2021Details
Nelia Velasquez15April 12, 2021Details
A Young Lady in Need30April 2, 2021Details
Prayers of Healing27March 25, 2021Details
Prayers of healing20March 21, 2021Details
Prayer for relationship protection27March 13, 2021Details
That surgery goes well and there is complete healing 16March 12, 2021Details
Husband 20March 12, 2021Details
ICU request for 22 year old19March 9, 2021Details
Maria De Los Angeles Deutsch 13March 5, 2021Details
Ferdinando Brancato11March 3, 2021Details
Reconciliation of marriage 19March 2, 2021Details
Soul of my father20January 7, 2021Details
Prayers for Auntie Lily & Family12January 6, 2021Details
Deacon Dale Fickes14December 28, 2020Details
Prayers for the Tabadisto Family16November 10, 2020Details
Deceased family members14November 8, 2020Details
Prayers for the Schuster Family15November 6, 2020Details
Cracked Lumbar17October 31, 2020Details
Fredric Rhodes 12October 22, 2020Details
3 Car accident victims and son34October 7, 2020Details
Prayer for Christians16October 5, 2020Details
Please pray for my Uncle14October 5, 2020Details
Husband wants a divorce 30October 4, 2020Details
Untitled11September 21, 2020Details
Thanksgiving for Prayers Answered. 14September 13, 2020Details
Parishioner10September 4, 2020Details
Repose of the soul of my brother-in-law10September 4, 2020Details
Repose of Doan Oanh's soul10August 29, 2020Details
School teachers15August 20, 2020Details
Prayer intentions10August 13, 2020Details
Successful Cancer Treatment15July 29, 2020Details
Repose of Tam's soul10July 22, 2020Details
Praying for Everyone Here11June 25, 2020Details
That my family come back to the Church14June 10, 2020Details
Sophia's pain13June 9, 2020Details
Repose of Frank’s soul23May 31, 2020Details
Deacon Jerry33May 15, 2020Details
Please pray for my father, Romeo Bassi8April 26, 2020Details
My mind 11April 21, 2020Details
My IBSc Condition8April 11, 2020Details
Untitled6April 10, 2020Details
Prayer Request8April 8, 2020Details
upcoming biopsy surgery8March 22, 2020Details
strength for upcoming biopsy results5March 22, 2020Details
strength for surgery3March 22, 2020Details
Prayer for my father in laws soul4March 18, 2020Details
For my financial situation11March 18, 2020Details
Untitled6February 28, 2020Details
Cancer9January 26, 2020Details
Family member passed away8January 22, 2020Details
Prayer for Olga6January 14, 2020Details
Prayer for the Philippines6January 14, 2020Details
Prayer for Joe Mino7November 27, 2019Details
Prayer for Lisa Hayden7November 27, 2019Details
Diagnosed with cancer9November 10, 2019Details
Cancer fighters17October 14, 2019Details
Family member who passed away 21September 28, 2019Details
My Son Keith19August 31, 2019Details
Untitled2July 22, 2019Details
My Marriage30July 1, 2019Details
Untitled20June 3, 2019Details
Pray for Yolanda Bofil12May 13, 2019Details
Peace8May 13, 2019Details
Help my marraige18May 13, 2019Details
Prayers for my Mother age 979April 12, 2019Details
healing14April 8, 2019Details
Baby13April 8, 2019Details
Forgiveness for my Son26April 3, 2019Details
We need a new home17March 10, 2019Details
May he rest in peace 15February 11, 2019Details
urgent help13February 10, 2019Details
Young Widow Mother of 2 Toddler 17February 5, 2019Details
Prayers for my sick dog12January 25, 2019Details
Love14January 18, 2019Details
A place to stay for a month14January 9, 2019Details
Saving my marriage21January 3, 2019Details
Untitled10January 2, 2019Details
who shall be my husband 15December 26, 2018Details
Remembrance of my Father11December 24, 2018Details
Addition and my son15December 17, 2018Details
Prayer for comfort, strength, and overcoming fear7November 16, 2018Details
Death of a Friend9November 16, 2018Details
Prayer for friend battling breast cancer18October 17, 2018Details
Pray for Death of Grandfather13October 17, 2018Details
Fr. Michael Robinson15September 17, 2018Details
Maria Josefa de Rodriguez10September 5, 2018Details
find place to live10August 28, 2018Details
Elizabeth Marion7August 24, 2018Details
Prayers for My Mother16August 15, 2018Details
marriage16August 13, 2018Details
Nuvia Elida Aguilar10August 1, 2018Details
Brain Tumor20July 28, 2018Details
Please pray for Barry's complete and total healing13July 24, 2018Details
Pray for Dad18June 25, 2018Details
Pray for Brian15June 21, 2018Details
Mike Bettencourt20May 23, 2018Details
Sons health19May 21, 2018Details
Find a new house23April 30, 2018Details
Rose Mandella17March 31, 2018Details
cancer22March 31, 2018Details
Prayer for Family Member in Hospital15March 27, 2018Details
Volunteers going to Tecate13March 23, 2018Details
Strength & Postive Atitude to Overcome Cancer16March 18, 2018Details
Difficult situation for husband at work20March 17, 2018Details
Draw closer to God and Church23February 17, 2018Details
My family who no longer go to Mass31February 7, 2018Details
Healing of Family24February 4, 2018Details
Untitled19January 30, 2018Details
Meaningful work23January 21, 2018Details
Alzheimers20January 18, 2018Details
Untitled16January 2, 2018Details
pray for strength and healing22November 27, 2017Details
Pray for..22November 5, 2017Details
Kathryn, granddaughter of Charlie & Anne Cannova20November 4, 2017Details
For her soul to be with Jesus18October 30, 2017Details
For his soul to be with Jesus14October 30, 2017Details
For his soul to be with Jesus14October 30, 2017Details
Sister Carmen19October 24, 2017Details
Safety for my children in NorCal13October 19, 2017Details
My step father14October 8, 2017Details
A Peaceful Final Journey20August 19, 2017Details
Prayer Request :25July 23, 2017Details
Prayer for my husbands job 23July 18, 2017Details
Gloria Yango18June 26, 2017Details
Prayer for my marriage28June 20, 2017Details
for my great grandchild who has not been baptized yet29May 25, 2017Details
Increase of vocations to the priesthood9May 25, 2017Details


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Mike Gage

Prayer for healing


Jennifer Gage

Pray for Cristina Carbonero halth

Alejandro Carbonero
Hello, my wife Cristina Carbonero was recently diagnosed with a large brain tumor on her right hemisphere on November 9th and will be having surgery Wednesday Nov 16th. Cristina use to volunteer at St. Elizabeth and our children (Sebastian and Gabriella Carbonero) completed their first communion at St. Elizabeth. Cristina is asking if she could be included in the Sunday prayer or when possible that she has a successful surgery and recovery. We are at UCSD San Diego Health. Thank you very much for your attention. Sincerely Alejandro Carbonero

For a young lady battling mental health

Please pray for a young lady who grew up in this parish and is suffering from mental health disorder. She is currently hospitalized, scared, and in need of our love and support. Please pray that she feels gods love around her, that his healing power helps ground her in reality, and that her family and loved ones who are suffering with her are comforted.

Prayer intention

Jason Williamson
Please pray for me jason and for my godmother Diane and for all of our families and friends and neighbors for healing and holiness and for our journeys of faith


Healing for David Pini

Health for my husband.

Marcela Alauie



Live life with God

Give help to Teri hospitalized with CANCER now present

Prayer For Freedom From A Spirit Of Trauma

H Miller
Please pray for the healing of our family special my daughter's heart as she lost 3 close people to suicide in past year.

the repose of the soul of Gerald MacLellan

Julie and Mike Watkins
May his family find peace at this difficult time







Live through Covid-19 just obtained



pray or relief and healing of my painful back





For Ronald White

Brittany Simpson
Please pray for Ronald White and his healing.



Please pray for

Jen Carney
Robert Richardson who has cancer.

Is in jail but is innocent

My husband's friend went to Tijuana last week and when he came back, they stopped him because someone had put drugs under his car. He is still in jail until they prove he is not guilty. He needs prayer for strength and patience.

To an amazing friend

Rafael Delira
He was a Deputy/Co-worker and lost the battle to cancer.

Dr. D'Alessandro

Peace, Grace, and strength to you and yours.

Aunt Lyn

Lisa Cuchara
May my gracious Aunt Lyn (DePaola) rest in peace

Prayer for my son

For my son,P, who is having difficulties managing his stress and anxiety levels, that he may find the help and consolation he needs.

For Lyn DePaola

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. O Lord, your sorrowing Mother stood by your cross; help us in our sorrows to share your sufferings.

for people who need help managing their finances

for people who need help managing there finances and that people would be available to help them and for the people who help them that they may do it well and for their benefit

For Ukraine

For peace and protection of Ukraine.

To recover from a serious fall

Robert Algeo

Help with Alzheimer's

Cary Rundle
I and my husband are long time members of St. Michaels and love it and Father Michael. I was recently diagnosed with Dementia, probably caused by Alzheimer's. Please pray that my systems will not get any worse. Thanks & God bless you. Cary

Successful cancer surgery

Paddy Gough

For my dad's one month from his departure

God, I humbly pray for my departed Dad who has passed from this life on Christmas day, one month ago. Praying for my Dad to be with you God in Heaven and for him to have eternal happiness with you God. Amen.

Prayer for Zenia and family

Marlene B.
Prayers for Zenia as she heals from sickness and physical pain. Special intentions for her and her family for the recent passing of her dad.


Successful surgery with positive prognosis

Denise Whitton

Successful surgery with positive prognosis

Husband left me, our family, and our faith

Please, please pray for my husband (of over 21 years of marriage) to realize that love and happiness is a choice, not a feeling. Please pray for him to reconcile with God, and to know that Jesus walks with him as he is going through this crisis of finding himself and his happiness. Please pray for the sanctity of our marriage and family.

Loss of a loved one called Dad

God, I humbly pray for my departed Dad who has passed from this life on Christmas day. Praying for my Dad to be with you God in Heaven and for him to have eternal happiness with you God. Amen.

Repose of the Soul

My son Michael Castelli

Those with too much and not enough

for people who struggle to organize and declutter, for those with too much stuff, for those with needs for stuff, for family with challenging organization, especial those in the midst of wanting to make some improvement and asking for assistance for the assistance

Ongoing conflict

Please pray for me and my friend AJ that we may resolve the conflict that has affected our relationship and that we may forgive and realize the value of our friendship snd the importance of having each other in our lives. May the Lord help us return to a peaceful and harmonious co-existence.

prayer for deceased daughter 12/1/20

Kristen Kopald

Prayers for recovery from COVID

Marlene B.
Prayers for Joe and daughter for a quick recovery from COVID.


Prayers for health, healing and recovery for Cecilia.


Gary Zarounian
Gary is starting cancer treatments

Our beloved grandmother

Our beautiful, kind, 95 year old grandmother is in her final days. She has always lived with such strength, grace, and love for life. Seeing her in her current state has brought on waves of emotions for our family unlike anything we’ve experienced. Please pray she doesn’t experience any pain or discomfort in these final days. May she know she is loved, that God is with her, and give our family the strength to support her and love her the way she deserves. May god protect her always. Querida Rosario Josefina. Te amamos.

Prayers for Angel and Johnny

Sending prayers your way and hoping for peace and healing.

Prayer for Jean W.

Marlene B.
Prayers for health and healing to Jean.

For my daughter Giselle and unborn baby

Gina Martinot
Please pray for my daughter Giselle who is six months pregnant (1st pregnancy) and has been diagnosed as high risk. Please pray for the health and well being for mother and baby.Thank you.

Prayers held in my heart

For the prayers held in my heart and a desire to be the person God wants me to be

Prayers for the San Nicolas Family

Marlene Blas
Prayers of hope, comfort and peace for the family of Trina San Nicolas.

Charlene Renshaw

Henry Street
Please pray for my Aunt Char who has thyroid cancer.

Good News & Direction

Please pray for my husband’s throat to be healed and for us to have God’s hand in where we should move. Thank you??????

My Daughter deceased 9/1/21

Catherine Weaver
Please pray for Marisa Sabin and her daughter Araya. Funeral is 9/14/21

Mark Bonnette



rosita coble
My son Chip Coble 51years old has Covid please pray for the Family Thank you

Please pray for my mom

Please pray for my mom, Henryka Pawlak, she is severely sick with Covid and in the hospital. Please pray that the Lord heals her body and that she can recover soon. Thank you.

In memory of Maria Gomez

Prayers during the month of August

In memory of Karen Gomez Kerr

Prayers during the month of August

Husband's Fall from Grace

Kathleen Murray
Please pray that my husband will return to the Church and be a faithful husband.

Eric Hoffman and family

For the repose of the soul of Eric Hoffman and consolation for his grieving family.

Prayer for our children

That our children's hearts and minds be open to God's graces as they navigate life in this ever-increasing current of the secular world.

Please pray for

Barbara Mack
Barbara Mack a faithful mother of 14 loving children. Though her time on this earth is limited we will see you in heaven Mom

Prayer for my mother

Gail Double
Please pray for my mother who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer

Garrett Family

Please pray for 90 year old great grandma to pass peacefully and with love in her heart to transition to our Heavenly Father. Please support the Garrett family with their grief and help them remember the amazing moments together.

Please pray for Celia Benitez

Please pray for Celia Benitez (for May)

Soul of Christopher Michael Smith

Barbara Lee
Please pray for the soul of Christopher Michael Smith who suddenly passed away on April 15. He leaves my niece Anastacia and their 5 year old Dilynn. May God bless this family in their time of sorrow.

Prayer for Cesar So

Barbara Lee
My friend’s brother has taken ill. Please pray for his speedy recovery.

Trouble in Relationship

Please pray for Alexander and Ann as they are going through a tumultuous time in their relationship. May God bless their relationship.

Soul of Porfirio Velasquez

Please pray for the soul of Porfirio Velasquez. He was a beloved husband, father, and grandfather.

Nelia Velasquez

My mother is suffering from dementia and her condition is getting worse. Please pray that it slows down so she maintains some quality of life and pray for me so that I have the patience and fortitude to help my mother.

A Young Lady in Need

A young woman who grew up at St. Elizabeth’s, is currently suffering a mental health crisis. She is a wonderful person whose sickness has brought her to homelessness and isolation. Please pray for her. Please pray for her recovery. Please pray she can overcome and treat her illness. Please pray for her family who is struggling to help her. Please pray she remembers that God is with her now and always.

Prayers of Healing

Please pray for complete healing from kidney disease for my friend, Melissa Vaughan. Thank you and God bless you.

Prayers of healing

Maritza Suarez Johnson
Please pray for David Johnson who is currently hospitalized.

Prayer for relationship protection

Timothy Hacker
Please pray for Tim and Crisra to be safely back together. Ask that their relationship always be safe from intrusive forces and their love be forever.

That surgery goes well and there is complete healing

May Alexa be completely healed in Jesus name, Amen


Rose Marie Olmedo
That my husband may find a new job opportunity to serve God in

ICU request for 22 year old

Mark Arciniega
My nephew was in a terrible car accident, must have multiple surgeries, and is currently in the ICU. He is a caring, loving, faithful, hardworking, and studious kid. He has a bright future and pray that he is healed.

Maria De Los Angeles Deutsch

Jennifer Smith
Please pray for healing powers for this faithful servant of God

Ferdinando Brancato

cindy pacino
Passed away on February 20, 2021

Reconciliation of marriage

Please pray that our marriage will be saved. Please allow God back into our hearts and marriage and rebuke Satan.

Soul of my father

Shannon Griffith
Please pray that my father is at peace in Heaven with his family and my brother.

Prayers for Auntie Lily & Family

Marlene B.
Prayers for healing and comfort for Auntie Lily and family.. to give them the strength during these challenging times, and to know that their friends and loved ones are here for them in love and support.

Deacon Dale Fickes

Our former Deacon has pancreatic cancer

Prayers for the Tabadisto Family

M. Blas
Prayers for strength and healing for the Tabadisto Family.. to give them comfort through these challenging times, and to know that their family is with them in love and support.

Deceased family members

Please pray for all my family members who have passed on before me. Give us all strength and stand by my side.Amen

Prayers for the Schuster Family

M. Blas
Prayers for healing and comfort for the Schuster Family.. to give them the strength to push through these challenging times, and to know that their friends and loved ones are with them every step of the way.

Cracked Lumbar

Cary Rundle
Lord, please cure Cary's cracked lumbar

Fredric Rhodes

Rebecca Rhodes
Please pray for long-time parishioner Fredric Rhodes, my father, who is currently on hospice care. He is moving to assisted living 10/23/20. Please pray for his peace, health and a happy death.

3 Car accident victims and son

Carla Easton
I prayer for complete healing for three dar accident victims and pray against anyone being paralyzed in the name and power of Jesus. I pray for my son Casey Easton for healing from alcoholism, and protection in sentencing. Merciful Jesus I trust in you.

Prayer for Christians

Helen anon
This nation and world is in a spiritual war and for far too long has let immorality and sin be called good and those who try to lead moral lives according to Our Saviors will as evil. Please pray for intercessors to continue to discern and pray without ceasing. May Christians in this wicked world keep their armor on and their eyes, ears, heart and soul on the Lord. Precious blood of Jesus wash over this nation and world, Lamb of God have mercy on us. God Bless and strengthen you all!

Please pray for my Uncle

Ava Flores
For the past few months, my uncle has been suffering with cancer. He has been in and out of the ER, dealing with immense pain. I pray for him to feel better and for the cancer to be cured. I know God has a path for my uncle and the rest of my family, I have faith he will get better 🙂

Husband wants a divorce

Please, please help me pray that my husband of 21 years reconsiders wanting a divorce. I love my husband & my marriage very much. I don’t want this. I am broken.


Steve Lopez

Thanksgiving for Prayers Answered.

Thank you for all those who prayed for the successful return of our loved ones. Amen


Vercie Carmonjohnson

Repose of the soul of my brother-in-law

Linda Nascimento
Please pray for the repose of the soul of my brother-in-law, Bruno, who passed away in a motorcycle accident.

Repose of Doan Oanh's soul

Diane Vu

School teachers

Please pray for Ms.Brown And all the other school teachers in SMUSD they have been working so hard

Prayer intentions

Jason Williamson
Please pray for me and for my Godmother Diane and for all of our families and friends and neighbors... for conversion and holiness and healing....

Successful Cancer Treatment

Pray for Alec Jackson and his family. Pray Alec's Cancer will be cured and that he may be able to continue his education and become the Doctor he was deamed to be.

Repose of Tam's soul

Diane Vu
I would like request prayer repose of Tam's soul. My mother, Tam Vu, passed away on 7/22/2014

Praying for Everyone Here

A few years ago, I submitted a prayer request. I didn't have steady work (despite having a masters degree) and I was dealing with depression. I asked for prayers here. Now, I am praying for all of you. These past few months have been challenging. Know that things will get better. Keep the faith.

That my family come back to the Church


Sophia's pain

Cecilia Barragan
Please pray for my daughter Sophia who has been suffering with pain in her feet. She can only walk short distances an can't tolerate being on her feet. Thank you

Repose of Frank’s soul

Frank Hooks

Deacon Jerry

Eternal rest grant unto Deacon Jerry, o Lord. Please continue to provide strength to Deanna and his family. In Jesus name we ask and pray. Amen.

Please pray for my father, Romeo Bassi

Gina Martinot
I do believe I already submitted my prayer request....when clicking on the Legion of Mary email address above. Thank you.

My mind

Bianca Medina mendy
Please pray for my mind I feel as if I'm going insane my husband has been cheating on me for years an everytime I tell my self I'm leaving he begs for forgiveness an I take him back I don't know what is wrong with me why I keep having faith in a liar I find my self staring into space rocking back an forth not being able to do things please pray for me I feel as if I can't make it in this world ??? I'm really not good

My IBSc Condition



Please pray for BF

Prayer Request

Lynne Selinka
Please add Eric Young to the list of people that are prayed for in the bulletin. thank you

upcoming biopsy surgery

pray for a successful surgery/biopsy this week. Praying it is not ovarian cancer, praying for strength through it all. Thanks

strength for upcoming biopsy results

please pray for Bonnie, a breast cancer surviver for 20 years. Recent biopsy for questionable mass. Pray for benign results and strength while awaiting the results-thank you!

strength for surgery

please pray for Mary, battling brain cancer with an upcoming surgery this week.Pray for strength,encouragement, and success-thank you!

Prayer for my father in laws soul

Joe K
I pray for my father in law--a buddhist but a great man. I pray he knows the truth and accepts Jesus Christ as his savior. I pray God has mercy on him.

For my financial situation

I provide for my family and it's been extremely tough the past 8 years. A lot of ups and downs but mainly downs. We're in a tough situation and I pray God will help me and my family.


Cruzina Fernandes
Peace, joy and inner healing for Ephzel Fernandes


Evelyn Knepper

Family member passed away

Vanessa Fust
For his soul to be with Jesus

Prayer for Olga

For Olga, who has been diagnosed with PNH, a rare blood disorder - that the Lord's mercy be her consolation and strength.

Prayer for the Philippines

For my mother, relatives and the Filipino people affected by the Taal volcano eruption - for their safety, well-being, consolation and strength during this time of trial.

Prayer for Joe Mino

Anne Mino
Prayer for the purification of Joe Mino's soul

Prayer for Lisa Hayden

Anne Mino
Prayer for recovery from her non alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Diagnosed with cancer

Evelyn Knepper

Cancer fighters

Please pray for our 4 close friends who are fighting cancer or waiting for test results at this time.

Family member who passed away

Prayers for my auntie Luz Angelica Villalobos who has passed away yesterday. She will never be forgotten, may her soul rest in peace with the Lord. May God put her in a special place where she will be watching us, the people who loved and cherished her! Amen

My Son Keith

I know you are most merciful, loving and understanding God. And with that, I call on you and beg for your favor in the legal case that my son is facing. I ask that you talk to the hearts of those who made the charges, and to the hearts of those who preside over my son's case. I ask that you give my son and his attorney, the will and strength to prevail over these matters he faces in the coming months. I also ask that you talk to the hearts of those who know him to give them understanding of his case. I ask that in the end, he is protected, guided over by your angels here on earth, and in heaven, both spiritual and in flesh, and that he may move forward with his life. I also pray for forgiveness of any wrong doing on my son's part, I ask this in the name of your son Jesus, through the intercession of St. Jude, Amen


Ernie Trujillo

My Marriage

My husband and I are best friends and never argue but yesterday he blindsided me and told me he was unhappy and not attracted to me. I didnt know where to reach out vas we arent telling family and friends. He just left to find him an apartment while we get counseling. I\'m devastated and want to save our marriage.


Judith Duarte
For my daughter and unborn baby. For her soul and strength . Amen

Pray for Yolanda Bofil

Angie Fleming
May her family find peace in knowing she is with the Lord, her father Mario Pietrantonio & sister Maggie Colbert.


Denise Simmons
Dear God...please grant peace to the Pietrontonio Family. They have endured the loss of their Father, Mario, and two sisters, Maggie and Yolanda. Bring peace to Olga, as she is going thru deep suffering. Please watch over this family. God Bless.

Help my marraige

Please Lord help my marriage. Please help my husband understand that we are two different people-let him nurture me and love me the way I need to be loved.

Prayers for my Mother age 97

Elizabeth Galati
Mom tho eating well continues to lose weight. I pray she will not suffer pain and continue to live a good life to the end...Thank dear Lord and Mary his mother.


Patrizia Nerona-Basa
Healing for Antonio Nerona and Khaycee


Patrizia Nerona-Basa
Include me on daily petition and prayers so i may be healed and conceive a baby soon.

Forgiveness for my Son

Please pray for my son. He is a good person who made a bad mistake. Pray that he will be forgiven.

We need a new home

Dan Rice
Please pray that my wife and our 12 year old son find a new home in the San Marcos/Carlsbad area.

May he rest in peace

For the repose of th3 soul of our dear son, Brendan, that he find peace and rest in God’s eternal love

urgent help

karin garcia
Hello, I'm contacting the church because I need to intercede for my friend, him and his family have been in a difficult financial situation. He's trying to leave his country because it's hard to live there due to the economy, so he's trying to get a visa to work in Belgium and he also applied for the visa lottery. His mom has health issues, she also has to take pills and her medications are expensive. I would really appreciate you praying for God to put his hand on him so everything he's trying to do goes well he gets his visa and finds a solution to his financial situation to help his parents as soon as possible. Thank you so much.

Young Widow Mother of 2 Toddler

Norma Perez
I ask for prayer, St. Elizabeth's and mother Mary's intercession for strength to raise my 2 little girls as saints and to love God genuinely with all their heart in this difficult world. My lord please allow me to heal my husband's loss and aspire closeness to God's heart. Please grant me fortitude, patience and to inspire sainthood and obey God's commandments. My lord allow my extended family to have a genuine conversion and fall in love with you.

Prayers for my sick dog

May god watch over my Layla and slow the progression of her disease & bless me with more time with her.


Nancy Perkins
I pray for a blessing on Kendall and Chris that they will be filled with your spirit so that everything will become crystal clear about their future. Lord have your way with them guide them and direct every decision that they make. Thank you that they are both generous and kind spirits that make the world a better place to dwell in we love you Jesus.

A place to stay for a month

Dan Rice
My wife and I and our 12 year old son need a place to stay for about a month as we relocate to the area.

Saving my marriage

Pray that my husband will open his heart and heal. That I might heal. And that I will have the strength to accept God’s will.



who shall be my husband

Please pray that God will enlighten me on the choose of a husband

Remembrance of my Father

My father passed away 1 year ago 12/21. May perpetual light shine upon him. Thank you for your prayers.

Addition and my son

that my son will find strength against his addictions, anxiety, self harm and find God's purpose for him

Prayer for comfort, strength, and overcoming fear

Elizabeth Hodgin
Please keep in prayer Craig Olson & his family. He is dying and is currently in hospice.

Death of a Friend

Elizabeth Hodgin
Please keep in prayer, a dear friend, Cindy L. Myers. She passed away on October 26th, due to a rare form of Parkinson's Disease.

Prayer for friend battling breast cancer

Gina Armbrust
Please pray for my friend, Darla, for God to help heal her body, give her strength during treatment, and comfort her anxieties with the unknown fear this disease has caused.

Pray for Death of Grandfather

Elizabeth Hodgin
Please pray for my Grandfather-Clarance W. Dutro. He passed away today. Please also pray for his children Don & Jody.

Fr. Michael Robinson

Please pray for a Blessed and Happy Birthday for Fr. Michael on September 24. Special blessings for him, and thankfulness for his shepherding of our parish. Praise and thanksgiving to God for Fr. Michael.

Maria Josefa de Rodriguez

A prayer for her soul in her passing

find place to live

Maureen BrennanBenetier
Man 88, has Alzheimers. need help

Elizabeth Marion

Marty Marion

Prayers for My Mother

Carol Hrabsky
My father Paul just passed away of July 12th. My parents were married 61 years and my Mother Carol is having an extremely difficult time with his passing. Please pray for my Mother.


Please pray that my husband turns his heart back to God, that he returns to our home and family, that our marriage is restored according to God's plan and we become the married couple God desires as a model for our family and friends. Please pray that our daughter also turns her life back to God, and recognizes the value and treasure she is through God's eyes, that she can change her life and break free from her addiction and get help for her mental illness, please pray protection for my son and myself, that our entire family is hidden and ivisible from the attacks of Satan every day, that our family is saved and restored and holy with God as our Lord and Savior, therefore nothing can tear us apart.

Nuvia Elida Aguilar

Tamara anon
Please pray for my mom who passed away on July 2nd. May God grant her eternal rest and may perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Also, to grant my loved ones strength and peace. Thank you very much for your prayer and may God bless you and your family.

Brain Tumor

Coach Desi
Please Pray for Desi who was recently diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumor.

Please pray for Barry's complete and total healing

Please pray for my husband, Barry, that he may experience miraculous healing from stage 4 GBM brain cancer and other side effects he has had since surgery and treatment. He is a loving husband and father of two teenage sons who love him dearly. We are so very grateful for your prayers..God bless you

Pray for Dad

Payton Peveto
Please pray for my father, Michael Travis, who is fighting very hard to beat a terminal heart disease and is awaiting a transplant.

Pray for Brian


Mike Bettencourt

Beth Mack
Pray for my brother, Mike, who is battling cancer.

Sons health

anon anon
Please pray for my son, he is having health problems.

Find a new house

Paulina Gartland
We need to find a 3 bed house for rent with a more accessible payment and in the area so my kids can continue going to San Marcos high school.

Rose Mandella

Gina Armbrust
For my grandmother Rose Mandella who passed away at age 92 that God will welcome her into his kingdom, and for her husband (my grandfather), Frank, 91, for God to comfort him.


sandra taddei
I am battling my cancer for the 3rd time and I am undergoing chemotherapy

Prayer for Family Member in Hospital

My aunt Sandy is in the hospital in Wisconsin with severe heart issues. She currently goes to dialysis 3x a week for other health issues, due to these issues they cannot implement normal treatments for her heart as her health won't allow it. Please pray for divine intervention to heal her and bring her home. She has such a positive spirit and handles all her health troubles with a smile, prayers to bring her home.

Volunteers going to Tecate

anon anon
For the safety of all the volunteers going to Tecate, Mexico this Saturday. May they continue to share their time and talent to all God’s children.

Strength & Postive Atitude to Overcome Cancer

Praying my father will have mental strength & positivity to overcome Stage 4 Melanoma.

Difficult situation for husband at work

Please pray for my husband's work situation. Pray that he will not be reassigned to anotheroffice which will greatly increase his commute time to 4 hours a day and increase his work responsibilities. This new job would mean that he would not be able to spend much time at home with the family.

Draw closer to God and Church

Jackie Huff
For my beloved sister Jackie and then salvation of her soul and then souls of her children please.

My family who no longer go to Mass


Healing of Family

Please pray for The Holy Spirit to guide and watch over us. That He may bring peace and healing. That He may grant us his 7 Holy gifts.


Please pray for my family that they have the strength and God's peace to deal with my diagnosi. I am putting in all in God's hands. Strengthen my family's faith and inspire newfound faith in some of them. Let them be inspired, the grace of God fill them with the realization that the babies need to be baptized and raised in faith. Santo Perrigrine prega per me, e così sia. Thank you Legione of Mary ladies.

Meaningful work

Three years ago, I was laid off and have since interviewed for numerous positions in my field. I have a masters degree, teach at two universities (as a contractor) quoted in articles, volunteer within and outside of my industry, held volunteer board positions and spoken at conferences. I’m not sure why I haven’t had success getting a full-time position in my field, and I had to take a part-time retail position to make ends meet. I started a consulting company and now have one client, which I’m grateful for, but it’s still not enough to pay bills. I’m glad I don’t have debt, but sometimes I get really depressed about my situation and feel so hopeless.


That my family does not suffer from my illness.


Please pray for Dl and Jb as they work their relationship.

pray for strength and healing

Stephanie Krueger
Please pray for my nephew Lukas, he was diagnosed with Leukemia last week. Give him the strength to fight and get healthy again.

Pray for..

Elizabeth Hodgin
Please pray for my Grandmother, Elizabeth B. Cole. She went to God on October 29th.

Kathryn, granddaughter of Charlie & Anne Cannova

Patricia Swanton
Kathryn was just diagnosed with a large brain tumor. Please pray that she choose the best doctor and treatment including timing of treatment, and that all progresses perfectly with no bad aftereffects. Dear Lord Jesus, please heal Kathryn from this malady and grant her good health for many years to come. Amen.

For her soul to be with Jesus

Ida Krecek

For his soul to be with Jesus

Louis Orsillo

For his soul to be with Jesus

Joseph DeRitis

Sister Carmen

had stroke & moved to hospice. She’s non responsive & not eating

Safety for my children in NorCal

Please pray for my children in Norcal and keep them safe and protected from all the evil outcome of these terrible fires.

My step father

He is very ill. My family is concerned he will not survive. I just pray that he has peace in his heart

A Peaceful Final Journey

Roger Monast
That my sister-in-law's final journey to meet the lord will be peaceful and painless

Prayer Request :

Rosa Maria Santos
I suffer from a very severe heart disease. I have been stuck at home for 3 years without making any little effort, always hoping that the Virgin Mary may intercede for my healing. I have “pericardial effusion” also respiratory complications: Pleura and I'm always sweating. Have many problems and a lot of suffering within my marriage: I wear 36 years. I beg you to remember me in your prayers. Sorry for the inconveniences and may God be with you. Don't bother to answer, prayers are the most important gift, as well forgiving of my sins. Thank you very much. Rosa Maria Santos.(sick)

Prayer for my husbands job

Prayers for my husband to find a job

Gloria Yango

Zeta Greene
Please pray for Gloria Yango who passed away 6/14/17.

Prayer for my marriage

Prayer for my husband to receive the Holy Spirit & let me in his heart. That the love be brought back to our marriage. Thank you. God bless

for my great grandchild who has not been baptized yet

anon anon

Increase of vocations to the priesthood

Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.

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